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Souter Built Bags Two Master Builders Awards

Updated: May 7, 2020

In 2019, Souter Built was awarded with ‘Best Renovation and Addition' and 'Best Heritage Restoration' by the Masters Builder Association. The awards were in recognition of the effort of Souter Built in renovating and restoring the terrace of a centenary heritage home in Paddington.

This is not an easy feat, considering that the awards covers the South East Region of NSW, from Sydney to the Victorian border. More so, this is coming after winning three Masters Builders Association Award for Southern Region of NSW in 2018, proving yet again that Souter Built is an authority when it comes to passive housing and heritage building in Illawarra. The previous award was for ‘Best Commercial Refurbishment’ and ’Best Alteration and Addition’ for businesses in Wollongong.

Souter Built confirmed their reputation as masters in craftsmanship when they delivered a meticulously crafted, and thoughtfully designed award-winning heritage terrace. Their attention to detail and culture maintenance approach, without compromising quality, impressed the judges who unanimously voted us ‘Best Renovation and Addition' and 'Best Heritage Restoration’ for the past 12 months.

According to Adam Souter, the director of Souter Built, "As the world that we live in today is single use, restorations and alterations and additions to buildings is one of the most sustainable practices that we can achieve, especially when the dwelling is over 100 years old."

Adam’s personal involvement, practical outlook, attention to detail, and hands on approach are his blue-print for success. He coordinates everything from planning to the minuscule details and visualises the end-product long before start of work.

The heritage house located in Paddington had been inaccessible and particularly tricky, says Adam: “[the house had] one- hour parking at the front of the street, a narrow lane, and everything - machinery, materials, concrete - had to be through the front door, as there was no rear lane access”.

As the property is in a heritage conservation area, the renovation had to abide by strict guidelines, and that’s what exactly Souter Built did; restoring the terrace while still maintaining every aspect of its heritage. Following to this achievement, Souter Built was entered into the Statewide Awards for 2019.

“We aim to consistently deliver astounding building services to residential and commercial clients. We go above and beyond with a view to ensuring clients provide the best possible service. Our comprehensive service and great attention to detail instills trust in our clients”, says Adam.

“We support the house construction and renovation efforts of clients by delivering their house building/renovation projects on time and within budget. We deliver all needed specifications such as colour/texture of bricks, colour/style of joinery as agreed and on time. We value our relationship with our clients and always make sure the end result of any project is outstanding and exceeds expectations.”


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