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Are you in the Illawarra and looking to restore your historic home?

If you love old homes, are passionate about preserving the heritage of your home and maintaining a slice of local history, then it’s best to engage an expert. As experienced and local Master builders specialising in heritage restorations, we understand the fine balance between maintaining the integrity of a home but also introducing modern-day comforts that are essential for today’s homes.

Just what is it exactly about preserving historic homes that make them appealing? The vintage hardware, the architecture or knowing that someone we hold dear lived in the home before us? Maybe, it’s all the above. The truth is, there is something really special about bringing an old home back to its former glory.


Older houses can have many quirks and tales to tell – if those walls could talk, right? Taking on a restoration can be a daunting task and not something every builder can handle. Often there are guidelines regarding the renovation of heritage houses that need to be considered, particularly if the building is officially heritage listed or within a heritage conservation area.

Many cities, like Wollongong, realise the value of heritage homes and historical buildings to a community and acknowledge its role in their culture, history and what makes their town unique. These buildings have a lot of history and it is important to preserve them. Working with a local heritage builder who understands and values the history and story of your home is critical, helping you to restore your home respectfully, maintain its unique character and create newer spaces or additions that complement the existing structure.


Engaging an expert heritage builder from the beginning of your project is ideal to allow the best advice for your possible restoration. A professional Master builder with experience in restoring homes can provide priceless advice and troubleshooting, while ensuring the historic aspects of the building throughout the restoration.

Specialist heritage builders can also utilise construction and design contacts, including access to unique trades and craftsman to get the historical details right, to ensure every step of the home building process is accurate, true to the history of your home, efficient and cost-effective.

A good way to determine their expertise is to ask for a walk-through on the houses they have built before. Having an idea of the type of workmanship to expect for your own historic house is very reassuring when you’re planning to restoration project.


The great news? You don’t need to travel far to find an expert heritage restoration house builder in the Illawarra. The award-winning Master Builder Souter Built is based in Wollongong and has a passion for creating high-quality homes that complement the history of the original building.

For expert advice on building your restoring your historic home, talk to award-winning local builder Souter Built. Specialising in heritage restorations, passive houses, commercial and residential building, alterations, additions and renovations in Wollongong, the Illawarra, Sydney and the Southern Highlands.


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